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F*** you spammers

I haven’t got spam in one year even that I haven’t use any spam blocking. 2 weeks ago I got my self back to spam list. :(
I wonder how did I got there back, now I need to setup some kind of spamassasing again to easy my life.
Damn that is annoying. Spam is illeagal in EU but unfortunally I dont know any spam-police who I can report this crime :(

Though, I have been wondering what if I would close my email until I get my own gmail from Mr Google. Somehow whole email thing has lost it’s meaning because it’s only spam nowdays. People who I used to send mail dont read their mail anymore.

But what are alternatives for email. Phone? No way… I hate phones, world would be better place without phones. I personally hate phone especially old desk phones where you dont see who’s calling.
Instant messenger is great I think, same goes to sms. Execept i dont like write sms it’s too slow. Maybe I need to wait until everyone can view video on mobiles. That would be great if I could just send videos to people instead mail them.

Then again what if “Penis enlargement” -spammers gets idea that lets send JP Penis enlargement video… Damn…