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Countdown for Sitecore V6 beta, Rumors and predections: Part 2, page editor

Christopher Wojciech reveleals more details about new Page Editor in Sitecore on his blog.

The post really doesn’t tell much but definetly new inline editor is there but from screenshots I cannot really make comments if it’s good. When looking screenshots on the blog post looks like there is less changes than I though there will be. I am still looking for a comments about speed of editor rendering times and speed of changing simple things on content. I think speed in the current Sitecore is the biggest bottleneck for editors.

  1. Hey there,
    after spending some time on my google analytics account I found your site ;-).

    To make it short: It’s much more faster, I spend my last two hours on creating a website by myself. More intuitive then before and less popups in the sitecore client.
    And the best: The startup sequence is much more faster :)

    cheers chris

    btw: Thanks for your comment, I can only guess what’s interesting.

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