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Countdown for Sitecore V6 beta, Rumors and predections: Part 1

I have not seen V6 yet but I have been looking closely blogs and discussions on Sitecore Developer Network about the upcoming version of Sitecore 6 that will Rock every CMS developer world :O

Features known and my predections so far:

  • There are only 3 databases (Core, Master and Web).
    Sitecore V5 has 7, I like this simplicity but I am curious to see solution on Sitecore Security.
  • .net 2.0 to .net 3.5
    IMHO: Not a big fun on LINQ but all other updates are very welcome!
  • Completely reworked webedit
    I predect this will be the biggest update of all. If they are able to roll out proper “edit in place” this product will take everyone under the table.
  • New GUI
    Not really sure this will happen but I hope they have removed Vista look and goes more Office metaphor on Shell.
  • No more Master templates, standard values rules.
    If you are not Sitecore developer you have no idea what the heck I am talking about but this is good. :)
  • Security concept based on the .net membership provider.
    Makes easier implementation to LDAP’s. I have been missing that on Sitecore.
  • XSLT extension controls: The WebEditRibbon and the StringUtil.
    I am not sure what are these but I am sure I will fall in love with WebEditRibbon. Please please Sitecore let me place and design my own Add/Edit/Delete buttons :P
  • AJAX included automatically
    Not really sure which library, I hope it will be effortless to implement my own AJAX library.

ps: Just notice myself my blog URL says /v6/ that has nothing to do with Sitecore just the coincidence. This blog runs on WordPress and v6 stands for version of my website. I have had homepage since 1997 and last time I updated was in 2005 where I made WordPress installation to to v6 folder…