I found pure XML/XSLT -website written in traditional ASP. http://www.fullxml.com I wonder where I could find similar thing but with PHP.

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Trying to make sense of XML

Uffff… Hard task…. I have been working with XML 2 years and still I don’t get it. :(
But damn this is cool.

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Adobe SVG 1.1

The SVG 1.1 implementation status page has an interesting little note: ” Note: interact-cursor-01-f was tested with Adobe ASV4 (unreleased), not ASV3″. I think that´s the first sign that Adobe is actually activly working on ASV4. Nice!Also, cool to see that Nokia go an almost full SVG Tiny implementation. I wonder when we got that in our phones.It´s interesting to see so many SVG implementations already. Lots of companies backing SVG. Now, let´s see who nails all tests first. My bet is on Batik but you never know.

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