XML shows promise, but don't underestimate its problems

I have been working now over 3 years closely with XML and I have started hate and love it like Microsoft :) It’s now in everywhere except it hasn’t hit really to PHP world. That’s probably because PHP people wants to do stuff easy and fast. Like that brilliant PHPNuke CMS there is no XSL’s but some own templating thing which is probably easier to learn than XSL.
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XHTML2, the Most Important XML Vocabulary

Kendall Grant Clark writes @ xml.com “Taking the long view of recent technology, XHTML may be the most important XML vocabulary ever created. What I mean is not that XHTML will be the most widely deployed XML vocabulary, though if we take the long view, it could be. What I mean is that XHTML puts XML’s reputation — and, by extension, the W3C’s reputation — on the line to a greater degree than any other XML vocabulary. (Which, if true, makes XHTML 2.0’s relative absence in discussion on XML-DEV a puzzle…)”
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XML at Microsoft's Mercy

The future of XML editing is pretty much in Microsoft’s hands, writes Kendall Grant Clark at xml.com. I have been testing Office last months and I’m not very happy about thought one thing what Microsoft knows is to make something hype. Therefore soon every developer has to write some kind of implementation for word to make their sales department happy. :)
Thought maybe it would it be better if Microsoft would it replace their loysy doc format with html. Well I kind of understand that would not be very sexy thing to do for sales. :)

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XML Is Too Hard For Programmers

Tim Bray, one of the co-authors of the original XML 1.0 specification is writing on his website that XML Is Too Hard For Programmers, explaining why he’s been feeling unsatisfied lately with XML and says his last experience writing code for handling XML was ‘irritating, time-consuming, and error-prone.

I thing he is kind of right. It’s very, VERY hard to learn use XML on software development. Microsoft has help a lot people with .NET framework to get kick start for it but still, Microsoft has their own view of XML which doesn’t necessary meet general, well at least my view of developing XML. The anti-XML community has several sites stating their positions.



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An Introduction to Streaming Transformations for XML

by Oliver Becker, Paul Brown, Petr Cimprich
February 26, 2003

This article introduces Streaming Transformations for XML (STX), a template-based XML transformation language that operates on streams of SAX events. STX resembles XSLT 1.0, the tree-driven transformation language for XML, but STX offers unique features and advantages for some applications.

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SVG.org is a new SVG portal for a central place for the SVG community and for you to share your experience and expertise.

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