Apache Xindice

I found Apache Xindice website this morning and I read little about this project. Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a native XML database. I would love to install this baby to some machine. Too bad I have migrate all my computers to .NET era and my hosting company naturally wont give me root rights so I can’t test it in there either. :)
Thought, I would love to test and play around apache again. I feel I am losing my skills on Apache world… damn you dotNet why do you take my all time!
Thought, maybe i can just install Apache into my Windows I wonder if its stable like unix version. I found out that Xindice doesn’t come with installer, no service manager or GUI. But I found XInstaller from filezilla.com website maybe I try this one.

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Microsoft has open Word 2003 XML-format

BIG hand to Microsoft on this one!
Microsoft will license for free its Microsoft Office 2003 XML schemas, a move that will help outside developers enable other programs to trade data with Microsoft’s Office applications.

The company released the schema for Word 2003, called WordprocessingML on its website (www.microsoft.com/office/xml/). In December it plans to release the schema for Excel 2003 and for InfoPath 2003.

This seems to be real step from Microsoft to open XML format, thought I am still quite disappointed that Microsoft doesn’t want to make industry standard from all office format like Oasis is trying to do together with all other companies.

Check out also Xml Schemas for WordprocessingML here.

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XForms – The Next Generation of Web Forms

XForms has officially became a web standard today in W3c. XForms is successor of the HTML Forms.

“XForms is an XML application that represents the next generation of forms for the Web. By splitting traditional XHTML forms into three parts – XForms model, instance data, and user interface – it separates presentation from content, allows reuse, gives strong typing – reducing the number of round-trips to the server, as well as offering device independence and a reduced need for scripting.”

Read more from press release and XForms home page.

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Modules just a brilliant implementation for xhtml

The modularization of XHTML 1.1 breaks down XHTML 1.0 Strict into a collection of abstract modules, grouped by related elements and attributes. The idea behind modularization is instead of having one huge DTD that defines everything; modules are used as and when required. To ensure the basis of XHTML is consistent, four core modules are required.
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XML Spy Rocks

I have been using XML Spy for building small site of mine. It?s really nice program, I have tried XML Spy few times before but I felt that there is to high edge to learn again another tool but now I finally got into it and it is really nice.
I use XML Spy as a content management system. I have my data physically on my hard drive as small xml files and then in a other folder I have site configuration as another XML files. Then by using XML Spy project I compile XML in to XHTML just by pressing F10 little bit like in VS.NET you compile project by pressing F5. Neat :)

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Slammer worm nuke plant network

Oh my god… What kind of people puts Windows running into Nuke Plant Network. Just think what can happen with nasty virus. Well, I guess they don’t run their reactors cooling systems on Windows XP :D I hope…
Heh, I can image that Homer Simpson who realizes that he can log from home to Nuclear Plant Intranet and can maintain core remotely. :D
Anyways, more serious story about this at Securityfocus.

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Remember VRML(The Virtual Reality Modelling Language)? The technology which was supposed to replace HTML in 1997 but never it did. I thought it with fancy virtual reality helmets in nineties. :)
But regarding to XML.com article it is still “alive” and it has transform to XML language called E3D.(Extensible 3D)
E3D models looks very impressive. Article: Extensible 3D: XML Meets VRML

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