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We are getting soon into alpha face on our calendar project. We are building Internet Calendaring software on VB.NET. Our calendaring software is 100% XML based (truly) and we dont have any crappy ASP.NET code in it. We do not even have ASP-files on server; we are handling everything in HTTP handler. All interfaces are in XSLT-library which is customizable via themes and code has been written by using extreme Programming principals.
This project started in spring but first line of code came in end of summer (which has been thrown to garbage about 5 times :) ) This is very nice project because me and Jode can now put together our experience on .NET and XML and do something finally without hard deadlines. Just creating software in best possible way we know.
We have some screenshots in our site but I think in few weeks we can put beta out so stay tuned and check out or my site if you are interested to try out.

dotNetCal on his way

This summer I started to develop dotNetCal the internet calendaring and scheduling program. Last month I came to state that XHTML-templates were ready and I had to create or choose proper XML schema for handling calendar data. Now after late nights searching and surfing I have come to conclusion that there is no any good/easy one. In fact everyone still uses old VCAL based format.
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