AJAX framework

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What's up with document.onload?

I was trying to use document.onload event instead using onload=”init()” event in <body> tag. But I could not get it working properly;
I was trying to surf on Google but with no help. :(

The document.onload event seems to be firing before the main element is defined in both Mozilla and IE. This seems contradict to the DOM spec which says:

“The load event occurs when the DOM implementation finishes loading all content within a document, all frames within a FRAMESET, or an OBJECT element.”

View test file

Mozilla & JavaScripting

Mozilla is a great tool to use in developing web sites and web applications. Not as a development tool itself, like an editor, but as a testing and debugging tool.
I wonder if MS is planning to do something like this to IE in future? See using Mozilla in testing and debugging web sites here

Nice way of doing menus in JS

Nice article at gazingus.org

Using Lists for DHTML Menus

TransMenus is a modular script that creates actions for two CSS classes: “popUpMenu” and “collapsibleMenu”. When the “popUpMenu” class is assigned to a nested ul element, that element is displayed as a pop-up menu activated by the mouseover event of its parent li element. Similarly, When the “collapsibleMenu” is assigned to a nested ul element, that element is displayed as a collapsible menu expanded (i.e. made visible) on the click event of its parent li element.