My daughter

Let me introduce Greta. She was born in last Saturday mom and Greta are doing great and so I am!

New blog

I started to get so much comment spamming in my b2evolution blog that I had to do something. So… I migrate to a wordpress. I liked b2evolution a lot but there hasn’t been updates on the software for a while so I got tired of waiting and seeing ~30 comment spams a day.

Now as you might see I am running wordpress 2.0 with default skin and no plugins or hacks. Pure and simple. Naturally as a designer I need to make my own skin on some point but perhaps after our baby is born. (Anyday now! :))

Pimp my notebook

Modded notebook I would love to have some cool airbrushed notebook like the ones in here. Smooth Creations mods notebooks but the work doesn’t come cheap: the paint alone costs around US$50, the labour will set you back US$300-500.
When I was a student I took one week airbrush course and I can tell that price doesn’t sound very expensive. It’s really difficult and slow to make it.

Cool waste of water

The Alaskan Alpine Club have made awesome Ice Structures using just water and strategically placed pipes. Maybe I should do the same next time I am visiting in Finland.

The 100 Best Products of 2005

PC World has ranked the best products in 2005
Here are few picks

1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Yep, Absolute best browser
2. Google Gmail Web Mail
First GMAIL was strange but now I can’t live without it
16. Google Search Engine
Some said Microsoft tries to be Internet but I think Google is Internet… scary…
26. Ubuntu Linux 5.04
My disto
32. Adobe Photoshop CS2
Well, not really sure if this should be on list but anyway this is my pen/paper
34. Apple ITunes
And I though I never change WinAmp to ITunes… But then came podcasting.
38. Valve Half-Life 2
Best game no doubt…
60. Wikipedia
My source of info (aside google of course)
76. Google Desktop Search
GDS is nowdays my sourcecode library with Larry’s anyfile indexer -extension this tool is great for indexing sourcecode.