Rewriting blog

I have decided to rewrite my homepages. I will make some code section in it for my dhtml and xslt stuff and I will put my portofolio here as well.
These pages now are written in module based xhtml1.1 and clearly that’s not ready yet for modern day’s browsers.
IE can handle xhtml 1.1 quite well but Mozilla gives me strange results when using height: properties in CSS. Therefore I think I will go back xhtml1.0 strict.
So, now I need to find nice cms for my site or maybe I just continue on MovableType it has been very good…


Heh, I was cleaning up my computer and I found this nice picture… Funnnnnnyyyyy… :D View image

R.I.P Netscape

It has been news today that AOL is firing people from Netscape, mainly from research and development. There is no doubt that this is results about AOL vs. Microsoft settlement 2 months ago where MS settle antitrust suit brought by AOL Time Warner, paying the latter $750 million.

But is this really a bad thing? This is how business works; if you have money you can buy your competitor out. Microsoft doesn?t want future development on fat web clients because that would kill their office application. Ok, this is a bad thing for those people in Netscape who got laid off but I believe MS did not choose to laid off bad ones and those who are now writing their CV’s can write there that “MS paid AOL $750M to get me fired” ;-)

Semantic web anyone?

I would just love if someone could write once and for all a operating system which would work simultaneously with web. When I would like to participate to a meeting I could just click meeting on webpage and my computer, knowing that it is indeed a form of appointment, will pick up all the right information, and understand it enough to send it to all the right applications. Not to all Microsoft applications but to all devices.

I?am so tired to type calendar events to my Nokia, Outlook at office and Mozilla calendar at home. I have had this exactly same problem years and there hasn?t been any improvments. Actually I think it has got worse than it was few years ago. Few years ago Microsoft was promising in future all devices to work with Windows but today they say that all Microsoft product will work together. :(