Greetings from Barcelona

Yep, I an here again in Barcelona. We are doing some xmas shopping and in a weekend I am going to a wedding of my good old friend Maximo. :)
Gotta go! This Internet Cafe sucks and this win98 even more. Adeu!

New design

I finally did new design for this site. I started yesterday and I got this far.
I made small downgrade to XHTML-strict from module based XHTML 1.1 because seems like browser world is not really ready yet for module based XHTML.
I still have some old content which is not valid for XHTML-Strict but rest of the site goes throught validations with flying colours.

Layout is written 100% CSS and no hacks or tricks are used. With this layout even blind person can view my pages. :) I will need to check couple of things also tp meet WAI – requirements.

But I put it online anyway because I was so sick to old look.

newsbot now on

Microsoft is clearly frightened of the power that Google represents. Rumors say that they have been trying to buy Google out but Google wasn’t interested. Now thay have team up with by building amazing resample to Uh, I just love to look as a small person when GIANTS are fighting. :) I hope Google wins so we can have at least one service which is not owned by MS.

Old projects and still going

I was reading at Swedish website that one of my old projects has again won 1# price on “Best Business Solution”. Site is StoraEnso corporate site.
I was working on it in 99-00 in Finland by developing administration for their corporate site.
It was very nice project; we were super cool core team including Jode, Jere, me and Rasse who still works on same project at WM-Data.
Our work was to make backend and website administration (Which is now days called more fancy word CMS ;)) from scratch. We build it on the top of the MS SQL7 and MS Site Server 3. We also implement WYSIWYG-editor there which was a cool thing on that time. Just think about writing something like that when there was IE4 and NS4 on clients. Thought, we didn’t support Netscape 4 on admin anyone who remembers that browser understands very well why. :)

StoraEnso website has still same look as I see it from browser but lot of has happen since we develop first phase of the project. Including everything has been migrated from Microsoft SiteServer to Vignette and Java, (pretty big change) but looks like concept it’s still same as we conceptualized in Icon Medialab Finland which definitely make StoraEnso website best in a world. Good job from WM-Data.

Greetings from Denmark

Sometimes I wonder why did I leave from Barcelona to Copenhagen….

Danish weather.gif

Naah, Denmark is a nice country, just 3000km too North… ;)

E-mail problems

E-Mail is such an important thing, especially when it’s not working. Damn damn damn… My POP3 is down, can’t figured out what is wrong there. I have been booting server remotely few times and now… It’s down totally. I can see that some DNS settings have changed but now I am totally out of my mail server… I can’t really go and see it because server is about 975km North-East where I am sitting. :(
Luckily there is hotmail and yahoo mail. :) I have forward my mails now to yahoo mail so at least I am getting my mails now.

Supercomputer from Apple

In the United States staff and students at Virginia Tech have built one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers for just $5m by plugging together hundreds of the latest computers from Apple.
The project involved placing 1,100 brand new Apple G5 towers side by side, making it the world’s most powerful “homebuilt” system.
It is capable of 17.6 trillion floating point operations per second, with a combined storage capacity of 176 terabytes.
“Each individual G5 is a dual processor, 2GHZ machine with 4GB of memory. So it’s extremely fast,” said Pat Arvin, Project Coordinator at Virginia Tech.
The network is linked using 2,900 cables and runs at about 100 times faster than an average corporate network.