New Macromedia Flash player 7

New Macromedia Flash player 7 beta plugin has grown to 1.5Mb, it’s not anymore few kilos plugin what could be installed in seconds on modem. But who really cares about modem, I don?t really know anyone who still uses modem. (execpt my mom, but she just pays bills in her internet banking)

So what’s under hood?
Well they say that release of Macromedia Flash Player 7 offers a new capability to both notify users about the availability of new versions and install the latest version of the Player.
There is better video performance and quality
Faster actionscript engine

I guess there is much much more features what will be unveil it when new Flash MX comes out.

Anyway you can install it here.

Flash webbrowser

Diana just send me really cool link! A webbrowser written in Flash called DENG. DENG is Modular XBrowser Flash MX Component wrapped into a Screenweaver C++ Shell. I just download it and it looks interesting concept. Developers of it have a quite a work if they really planning support CSS2, CSS3 Namespaces, SVG Mobile Profile, XHTML Tiny, XForms, XFrames etc.

Flash Markup Languge

FML (Flash Markup Language) is a suite of XML formats that allow flash content created dynamically. Intresting but what about SVG?

Flash weekend

I was working on Flash last weekend. I have been very un-satisfied for GUI on Flash MX. I have had a lot problems to really understand how to approach flash file. What is a difference with movie and movie clip and how do I call variable inside movie clip which is loaded to a another movie. _root.createdEmptyMovieClip.movieClip gives me Undefined…
Maybe Macromedia should look some Development IDE’s like VS.NET. I just can’t understand how to work between code and gui.



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