CSS stuff

I found the Dogma W4 Manifesto from Czech web designer site. This guy has been doing some nice CSS trials. You can find them from his homepage.

I was also reading an article at A List Apart about “Sliding Doors Technique”. Sliding Doors of CSS is a technique how to make Amazon styled boxes from unordered list menus. Very nice example for making tab navigations. If you want some kick ass JavaScripting in it check out Degradable, OOP DHTML Tabs.

Creating Custom Corners & Borders, ALA has another nice article from Danish dude who talks about how to create rounded corners using CSS with semantically logical markup.

Nice min/max-width workaround for IE

I found nice script from doxdesk which fixes annoying min/max width and height bug on Internet Explorer. I don?t like to fix those things in JavaScript but? what can you do? Just support Mozilla :-/ I think not. Anyway, check out also other CSS Scripting codes at doxdesk.

CSS tricks

I just remember again how fun is to write CSS, Cascading Style Sheets are like opposite to xml/xhtml and xsl. With xhtml you need to always think data when CSS is just for hacking data into nice presentation. Especially now days when we have Mozilla and IE6. I have found really good place for CSS tricks, The css-discuss Wiki.

Today I have discover !important very useful when you want to cascade inline styles and css “xpath” when you don?t have classes in nodes.
For example. .myTable tr td{styles} will give styles to all

nodes which are grandchild of .myTable class.