An Introduction to Streaming Transformations for XML

by Oliver Becker, Paul Brown, Petr Cimprich
February 26, 2003

This article introduces Streaming Transformations for XML (STX), a template-based XML transformation language that operates on streams of SAX events. STX resembles XSLT 1.0, the tree-driven transformation language for XML, but STX offers unique features and advantages for some applications.


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Getting into PHPWebSite

I have been investigating new version of phpWebSite 0.9.0.
phpWebSite 0.9.0 is a modular content management system written using object oriented programming. It’s based on PHP templating. After first look I think I might start to use it in some projects. Thought I dont totally understand PHP peple why do they always want to build modular/templating products. I would much rather prefer XML/XSLT as a transformation.
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I just love X

KDE 3.1
Best looking IDE, totally my favourite desktop enviroment. Thought, maybe in future Gnome will turn my head with their XML solutions.

GNOME 2.2 Desktop & Developer Platform
Very cool looking, I heard rumors about XML, SVG on Gnome…
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Google bought blogger!

My favorite portal gets blog stuff soon… Probably…
This should only mean good things for Blogger users. Intresting…
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Small site update

I just update movabletype to versoin 2.6 and if this post goes thru, I think update was success…. is a new SVG portal for a central place for the SVG community and for you to share your experience and expertise.

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GO Symbian

The battle between Microsoft and Nokia for operating system supremacy on wireless instruments (Smartphones) concluded that Nokia with its Symbian OS based Series 60 SDK was already the victor over Microsoft’s Smartphone 2002 SDK, writes Rick Rowell.
Nokia vs. Microsoft

Mozilla 1.3b

Mozilla 1.3 includes contenteditable attribute which allows you to create nice contentn management solutions. :) Now Mozilla is #1 browser on my PC.
More about Mozilla 1.3 Beta

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