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I have been trying to setup freeBSD and it is hard. I can’t get X running for some reason :( I would like to test new gnome, maybe I should change back to linux that is so much easier to setup.
I’m quite curious about red hat here is a nice interview. It turns out they’ve released a new portal product and a new CMS product. Both appear to be based on Java/Tomcat.

  1. FreeBSD sure needs more handwork when installing, compared to those bloated linux distros. In my opinion, FreeBSD shouldn’t be used as a desktop system, but it works really nice as a workstation and server. has good documentation and mailing lists, you’ll find answers to almost any question there.
    As for the X system, never configure it via sysinstall when installing freebsd, do it afterwards with preferably the text-based tool (xfconfig or something similar). I’ve gotten the X system running straight out of the box in my last 3 freebsd installs.

    And what comes to “searching for drivers and compiling crap”, you just can’t beat the Ports collection in FreeBSD :)

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