in XML

and I thought I could become XML technologist…

What happened to times when I was sitting in a coffeehouse and sipping on a latte
while trying to formulate thoughts and ideas how to do dropdown menu in DHTML.

Now and last 2 years I have tried to figured out what is this XML
thing and frankly I still don’t get it. Thought every time when I do something
with it I get butterflies to my stomach and I feel like this is the coolest
thing I have ever done. Especially with XSLT
which employ pattern matching algorithms rather than procedural code to make
things work. I like that idea but I have realized that there is a huge army
of programmer who hates XSLT. I think it’s because they are trying to see it
as a programming language not as a template based pattern matching.
But in a XML world there is so much more to look at I wonder when I will have
a time to look. There are XML formats (and increasingly open standards) for
just about every type of document, object, and operation that can be performed
SVG will let
you describe graphics, VoiceML
makes it possible to both specify the states of a semi-automated conversation
and provide the markup to make a processor speak its part of that conversation.

Business processes can be modeled with ebXML, with WSFL, with WSCI, with BPEL4WS.
You can describe three dimensional worlds in X3D, human emotional states with
HumanML, component interfaces with a whole host of different XML languages including
the emerging XForms
specification. Did I already say XML
, Web Services,
, XQuery?
And off course now that I’m starting to get hang on XSLT W3c
is about release version 2.0 from XPath
and XSLT.