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Adobe to Open Source Flex

I was amazed about Flex when I first saw it but even more amaze I got when I realize that as a developer I was not able to get even trial without paying. Like I posted about it in 2004. I never installed it to my pc where I evaluate everything before recommending to a customer. Macromedia clearly had forgot something that Microsoft does quite well.

Anyway, it seems that now that Adobe takes more developer friendly approach by announcing plans to open source Flex under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). I hope not too late, though.

Microsoft will be very strong on bringing Silvelight to their developer community. Many says that Microsoft will fail because they have no graphics community behind but I don’t think it’s entirely true. After all they do have directX and great developer tools and network. Also, penetration market on Silverlight is easy to fix by wrapping it to some security update from WindowsUpdate.

I have always loved Adobe/Macromedia desktop products but somehow they are not very appealing for me when  it comes to ServerSide. I think they should focus much more giving out to developers. After all it’s us who recommend products and it’s us who answers to our bosses questions if we should look deeper on the given technology.